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Test data grid or table for Electron + Ionic 3 + Angular 4 desktop app

Posted by Ahchi on Aug 9, 2017


For a desktop application, a data grid / table is a very important component, but it is not available in Ionic 3 yet, so I am going to find a data grid / table that is 

easy to implement and
with good scrolling performance.



Please refer to this video, it shows 

scrolling performance
sorting performance
memory usage





Testing Environment

Sqlite database with 28906 records, 9 fields, 3712 KB

Ngx-datatable : v10.0.1
Canvas-datagrid : v0.13.4
Fin-hypergrid : v2.0.2

Node : v8.1.3
Npm : v5.3.0
Electron : v1.7.5
Electron-builder: v19.19.1
Ionic : v3.6.0
Angular : v4.1.3
SQLite : v2.8.0
Typescript: : v2.3.4

OS : Win 10
CPU : Core i5 4570
Memory : 8G



Actually, I have tried to implement 

primeng and
angular-material also,

but I have some difficulties to make them load my data with virtual scrolling.


References and Credits

Data grid / table

To add Sqlite support for electron

For electron and ionic integration